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I have just lost $ 100 of my hard earned money to the person who created this 31 day fat loss program. Please spare a few minutes to read my frustrating story which I am going to reveal to you.

I am an IT professional and have been overweight by about 20 lbs. My lifestyle is such that I barely find the time needed to hit the gym and exercise. Also, I am quite lazy and exercise & diet do not seem to interesting to me. A few weeks ago, I came to know about the 31 day fat loss cure program while searching the Internet. I enquired about it and found out from a few Facebook friends of mine that the product really helps.

One of the guys told me that he was able to lose 25 lbs in about 20 days by following this diet program. So, I decided to try this program as well and went to the website where it is offered. I came across a great video presentation which revealed some fitness secrets. These secrets impressed me and I immediately purchased the product for $ 139.97. I was quite skeptical about its performance but to my surprise, its performance was quite satisfactory.

I was worried that instead of losing weight I might end up gaining more weight as the program provided some radical suggestions. However, after following the methods given in the program for about a period of 7 to 8 days, I realized that I have lost a few pounds and was feeling very energetic as well. At the end of the 31 days, I was able to lose 19 lbs without having to follow a strict diet or difficult exercise routine.

I was very impressed by the product and deciding to tell my friends about it. My best friend Rick, who was also overweight, decided to buy give it a try. However, he did not directly purchase it from the website. He searched the Internet to read about the product and the feedback given by the users. He did come across something that helped him a lot. He came across a discount coupon which allowed him to purchase the product at a discounted price of $ 100.

When I came to know about it, I was very angry as I had to pay an additional hundred dollar. I tried searching for such discount coupons for 31 day fat loss program and I found that there are more coupons which provide higher amount of discounts. I came across a coupon which offers the product at a price as low as $ 39.97 (2 payments). I was really shocked! I could not believe that I had to pay around $ 100 more for the same product which others can obtain it for a much lesser price.

Now, I want to make the coupon available to everyone who wants to purchase 31 day fat loss cure. I have found that the coupons are still active and valid. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead! Use the coupon, get the discount and help me get my revenge as well. Thank you!

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31 Day Fat Loss Cure Review

Hey friends! I am a 43 year old IT professional who was fighting against weight issues, a common problem that most of us face in our lifetimes. I was really desperate to lose some weight. Due to the overwhelming demands of my job, I found it very difficult to keep a track of my weight and what I eat. I didn’t really set a routine nor did I have one to follow when it came down to losing weight. I had tried weight loss pills, various advertised programs and machines, but to no effect. I was overweight and hopeless, and trust me; it’s not the best feeling in world.

I was gutted because there are so many people out there just like me who are taken advantage of and getting scammed by weight loss products. Recently, I came across this product called the 31 day fat loss cure. I was initially shocked. How can anyone lose weight in 31 days? The proofs and evidences that were on the website had me pretty convinced. And so I decided to give it a go.

When I saw the eBook for the first time, I was a bit let down. It was barely 50 pages. I thought to myself ‘that is too little information to help me lose 50lbs’. However, when I started reading the book, the initial thought was replaced by a more positive one due to the quality and depth of the material that the book provided. The book provided a deep probing into the fundamental issues that prevent weight loss and taught me how to overcome these issues.

In addition, the book also provided techniques to help maintain your weight once you’ve hit your target weight. That in my opinion was one of the highlights of the eBook.


  • · One of the best weight loss books I have ever read
  • · It gives you the motivation and self confidence to help you in losing weight
  • · Really Practical Information that can be put into practice by anyone and at anytime


  • · Just buying the book won’t help you lose weight. The result depends on the individual’s ability to strictly adhere to the writings in the book.
  • · The price of the book at $49 is on the slightly higher end of the scale, but in my opinion it was worth it.
31 day fat loss cure review
So at the end of the day, did I lose weight? I very much did, thanks to the 31 day fat loss cure program. You can see me in the picture. I am a good 50 lbs lighter than I used to be.  Just following the simple steps and tricks listed in the book went a long way to improve my physique and confidence. The link below will take you to the website of the eBook that changed my life.


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