Overweight People Encounter a Lot of Problems

Being an overweight person is something very disturbing and unpleasant at the same time. People who are overweight have the risk of suffering from many diseases and they are exposed to more problems than fit persons during every day life. Of course, some people may judge before thinking that they are very wrong and sometimes say things that can hurt. The best thing to do is to take insults and nicknames as a motivation, and never stop until you have achieved your goal: a fit body. Unfortunately, a lot of overweight people get upset because others judge them. Don`t do that. Don`t be shy or embarrassed and start losing weight!

One of the main reasons for not being overweight is the health. Overweight persons have the highest chances of suffering from heart diseases and diabetes. Those 2 illnesses are very dangerous and if you are overweight, you have big chances of having diabetes and heart diseases. It is much harder to get a health insurance if you are overweight; sometimes you also have to pay more money than other people do. Health insurance companies usually turn overweight people down because only a few hospitals and doctors accept them as patients.

Doctors are having hard times when they have to offer the dosage to an overweight person; every medicine needs the exact dosage and an overweight person needs a bigger dosage. Usually, medicines have their dosage for adults, kids and elders. But that dosage is for adults with an average weight, and the doctor has to make a lot of researches to find out the exact dose. Overweight women are also having a lot of troubles when it comes to fertility and having a child. If they have big fertility problems, doctors can not help them with that.

Another type of problem overweight people have is on the surgery table: the staff can hardly lift them and surgery is much more risky for an overweight person. In many hospitals, the tables can not hold a big weight that is why many doctors do not make any surgeries on overweight people.

Employers do not seek for overweight people because they move a bit slower than the rest and they often come up late at work. Not every overweight person is like employers say, but when you go to an interview they must like you, not other people. Unfortunately people judge others by their look, and sometimes, overweight persons are being judged and do not get the respect they receive. You can not change the ones who are acting like that, but you can change yourself. Transform their behavior in your motivation and you will succeed definitely. But nothing comes without hard work.

If you are having weight problems, you should lose weight to live a better life. Fit persons have a higher chance to be employed and accepted by the rest of the people because, unfortunately, people judge people after their look sometimes. The best reason to lose weight is to make yourself happy about you and relations with other persons.

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