Small Habits Make a Difference

When you are trying to lose some weight, every habit of yours matters: how often you walk, eat, run, watch TV, talk on your phone etc. Not so many people know that if you change only a few habits, you will lose weight much easier. Even talking to your phone can affect your weight. For example if you start walking in your house when you talk to your phone, you will burn a decent number of calories especially if you are going to have a long discussion. Do not eat a lot of nuts while talking to your phone or watching a show because they have a lot of calories even they are good for your heart.

Another habit that affects us a lot is eating in front of the TV. When you watch TV and eat in the same time, you are going to eat more food than you need just because you are distracted. You should be eating in your kitchen, and you can do some modifications in there also. For example, use a lot of blue in it: that color acts like a suppressant and you will not feel the same need for food. You can also use small dishes, and in this way you will eat less food. Put the food plates and then bring the plates to the table. In this way you will eat 20% less food without knowing it.

If you really want to eat some chips and you just bought a bag do not eat them from the bag! In this way you will not be able to limit yourself until you have emptied the bag. Try to eat 15 chips only and put the bag somewhere you can not reach it very easily. Another type of delicious food that keeps getting us fat is pasta. Even though you are cooking pasta without any type of meat, it is very harmful for your diet and you should eat as less pasta as possible.

The habit of cleaning the plate and eating as much as possible is something instinctual that we got from our ancestors. Nowadays we don`t have to eat what we can just to survive, that is why we should limit our food and leave one quarter of food on the plate. If you start applying this habit, if you eat 2.000 calories/day and leave one quarter on the plate you will eat 500 calories less.

It is scientifically proofed that when people gather around in big groups and eat, every person eats more than he usually does. If you are planning to have guests over your house for dinner, do not invite many people. Another thing that makes people eat more is the lack of sleep. If you have enough sleep every night you will not feel the need to eat a lot of snacks during the day. In life, small things matter a lot. If you will start developing these habits in your life, you will lose weight much easier than ever.

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